Vol5 No1

Original Articles

Comparing the Effectiveness of Real Objects and Voice Output Aidsfor Non-symbolic Communicators with Severe Cerebral Palsy
Chan-Young KoㆍKyung-Im Han
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(1):1-24.  DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.    [PDF]

Cross-Cultural, Cross-Linguistic Study on Perception of Blissymbolsby Korean and English Speakers
Soojung Chae
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(1):25-44.  DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.    [PDF]

The Effects of AAC Professional Education Program on TeachingEfficacy and Awareness of Vietnam Special Education Staff
Jung Eun LeeㆍPark Eun Hye
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(1):45-66.  DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.    [PDF]

A Usability Testing of  MyTalkie for Non-verbal Childrenwith Disorders
Jeong Youn KimㆍKi-Hyung Hong
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(1):67-93.  DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.   [PDF]

Study on Perception and Need of Intervention Service UsingAugmentative and Alternative Communication Device
Kyung Yang Kim
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(1):95-124.  DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.    [PDF]

Case Reports

AAC Assessment in a Speech-Language Clinical Setting:A Case Report of a Young Child with Cerebral Palsy
SeokJeong Yeon
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(1):125-150.  DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.    [PDF]