Vol. 5 No. 2

Original Articles

Effects of Script Activity Instruction with High Tech AAC Device on the Communicative Behavior of Children with Severe Intellectual Disabilities
Hee Seon KoㆍEun Hye Park
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(2):1-23. DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.   [PDF]

Survey on the Use of Korean-type Augmentative and Alternative Communication(AAC) for person with brain lesions
Jin Yong KongaㆍKyung Yang KimbㆍSe Hyun NamcㆍNa yeon Ana
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(2):25-50. DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.   [PDF]

A Qualitative Research of Teachers’ Experiences in Applying Augmentative and Alternative Communication System in a Special School for Students with Intellectual Disabilities - Focusing on the case of professional learning community in school
Kim Jung GiaㆍJeon Byung Unb
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(2):51-74. DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.   [PDF]

Case Reports

Case Study on Effects of AAC Intervention services in Clinic center
KyungYang KimaㆍNaYoung Leeb
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(2):75-89. DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.   [PDF]

The Effects of Communication Intervention Using My First AAC Application on Buying Goods of Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities
Byoung-Duck BaeaㆍSoojung Chaeb
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(2):91-124. DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.   [PDF]

The Effects of AAC based Communication Program in School-Home Cooperation on Communication Skill of Students with Developmental Disabilities - In case of AAC based daily experience communication program
Min Mi YoungㆍJi Kyoung MiㆍBae Soo Jin
AAC Research & Practice, 2017;5(2):125-155. DOI:10.14818/aac.2017.   [PDF]